Lack of Self-Awareness is the food of dysfunctional patterns.- Dr. Debra Campbell

Growing up, older women in my family would say..”you’ll understand it better by and by”. As a kid, I would roll my eyes mainly out of pure confusion but also frustration that I felt like they were saying I couldn’t comprehend. But! Now that I am 35 I am realizing what it really means. Clarity comes with time. Looking at things with different eyes gives a new perspective. I can think of many decisions that I have made that if faced with those same tasks today I would react differently. Of course, because I am wiser and more mature, but also because I am also self-aware. One of the things I really enjoy about being single is the opportunity to get to know myself. Sometimes with a partner, we get so tangled up in the relationship that we forget about self-care. Self-care allows me to become self-aware. I’m reading a book that talks about how “self-awareness and self-compassion are the keys to developing a better well being, self-esteem and relationships.” Freedom is being able to liberate yourself from unknowingly repeating behaviors that don’t serve you or are self-sabotaging. Freedom is choosing a different route.

Being emotionally healthy is such a big deal for me. I check in with myself all the time. More and more I only want to be in situations that feel good to me. When they don’t or when something feels off, I remove myself to create a what feels good. In the past, I have had people tell me, that makes me a “runner”. That I don’t like to stay when times get hard. What I can now say as a response to that, I’m addicted to feeling good. And I will never subject myself to emotional abuse. Anything that doesn’t feel good is abuse to me.   I encourage you to do what feels good to you, often. Spend some time with yourself, take yourself to dinner, go see a movie, journal. In order for you to do things that you like and that feels good to you, you kinda gotta know yourself huh?  Harvard Business gives five ways to become more Self Aware. Try these out and also share some tips you may have on becoming more Self Aware.

What am I trying to achieve?
What am I doing that is working?
What am I doing that is slowing me down?
What can I do to change?

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