Protecting your energy is important

Have you ever been in an AMAZING mood and then someone comes around or calls you and just like that, your energy level has decreased significantly. You feel drained and exhausted and may even desire a nap? Those people are energy vampires. An energy vampire could be anyone: a friend, a family member, a colleague, an acquaintance, a child, a son or daughter, or even a romantic partner. An energy vampire is a


person who feeds off your emotions, or psychic, energy. People who display energy vampire traits generally lack empathy, sensitivity, and emotional maturity. As a result of the pain or insecurity they feel inside, energy vampires are addicted to preying on the vitality of others as an attempt to heal their inner suffering.

I’m generally a person who is always in a good mood. Even when things are trying in life I still manage to push through with a smile on my face, excited about what life has to bring. However, even I tend to allow energy vampires to steal my joy from time to time. It happens. We are emotional creatures and will never be robots. I think the goal, however, is to figure out how to have this happen as infrequent as possible. I’m still no pro at this but maybe we can practice this together. I read a few things I’d like to share with you. If you have some tips for me, please share.


Before we get into the breakdown, I want to have a moment with you. Come closer. Let’s talk.


I want us all to get to a place where we are a walking glow of happiness. It’s important to know though, that when you reach this level, people will envy that and try to sabotage your happiness. They’ll come into your life and try to shake things up to take you off your course. So the tips that I will share will be to help you continue to stay on track and shake off what they are determined to put on you. Life is a blessing. We must cherish it. For anyone that has ever lost a loved one, we know that life is short. Every day that we are given should be taken as a gift from our higher power. And even when times are hard, we must remember that everything is working out for our good. Don’t allow energy vampires to suck you dry of the positive vibe you have worked so hard to create. Ok! Now, let’s get to these tips.


  1. Own your energy

If you love Oprah like I do, you know that one of her favorite quotes and something she had on a sign outside her office was “be responsible for the energy you bring into the room”. That is because we all own our own energy. It is your responsibility what you bring in and what you take out. Before you interact with people who you know are energy drainers, set your intention. That no matter what happens, your energy stays with you, and that you are safe and protected.

Use these affirmations for extra support:

My energy is protected and is completely my own.

I am full of self-confidence, energy, and joy.

I release all reactions and respond in my power.

My energy raises the vibration of the room while keeping me protected and energized.


2. Don’t give your power away

Remember that when you criticize, judge or blame others, you are choosing to focus on what they’re doing wrong or what’s wrong with them – and you give these people the power to control your mood and state of mind. Ask yourself why somebody’s behavior irritates you so much that you allow yourself to get upset about it.

Why let others’ behavior affect your mood?

Why give them the power to control your happiness?

Instead of criticizing, judging or blaming, find something you can compliment them on.

Ok, pause. Compliment them??! Don’t think that I’m some angel for including this in my blog and that this is so easy for me. Ha! It’s not. I struggle! But the times that I have tried it, I felt so much better. Being bitter and angry is hard work!  It stresses you out, you can get a headache, wrinkles, high blood pressure. And who needs that from dealing with other people and THEIR issues. Sometimes I catch myself walking to the car in the morning after having a crazy night of emotions, smiling. It’s a simple way to align my energy back on track. I think of something about the person (s) that I really enjoy. And I appreciate God for always bringing me exactly what I need at the right time. It’s really that simple. 🙂 Ok, back to the tips.


3. Clear and cleanse your body and space

Now before we get into this, you have to be open-minded. I know some religious people act like its soggy cereal when you suggest something outside of prayer. Yes, prayer should always be the first go to, but other components are helpful as well.

Space clearing is something I really enjoy!  It can wash away any negativity and leave the room you’re in feeling clear, light and positive.

To clear your space, you can use white sage, salt water in bowls (just change it daily), crystals (clear them often), energetic sprays or even just open the window and set the intention that any ‘old’, stale or negative energy will wash away with the wind. A website I would recommend to pick some of these things up is, I’ve met the owners through a really good friend of mine and they are dope. Buy things from dope people. 

When space clearing, be mindful, don’t try to clear the space of a cluttered home. CLEAN UP! Or it won’t matter how many times you white sage the room, you may still feel… cluttered and drained.

When I bought my condo my goal was to be a minimalist. Two years later I realize I failed. But, everything I own has something to put it in. Being organized and having everything in place is very important to me. I’ll revisit this minimalist thing next year. 🙂 Maybe we can do it together?? They say, less is more. (Kayne shrugs)

Heartfelt Harmony Affirmations

I breathe in positive energies only.

My space is loving, protected and clear.

I allow simplicity into my home.

My home is a place of peace.

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’m really working on getting better with my postings. My goal is to have 30 posts before I go “live” and if I post once a month it will take me decades to get there. So I must do better. I appreciate the new followers. Hey yall!! (My day I hope we can chat again soon. Be kind to yourself until then. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Protecting your energy is important

  1. Qui Talks says:

    Yessss! I tell everyone about protecting their energy. The best way to fully protect your energy is to meditate. Meditation teaches you things about your body that you would never realize. Being in a room full of tension, so thick you can slice it with a butter knife. However, you are still cool, calm and collective is a practice that takes sometime to learn but eventually things run off your shoulder like you are made of teflon. Love this post! Will reblog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. helloblogher says:

    Meditation is a great way to raise your energy frequency!! You are absolutely correct! It can help you stay focused on your inner body instead of dwelling on outside negative focuses. Thank you so much for your comment!


    • helloblogher says:

      Thank you for stopping by! Just like in fairy tales, love always wins. If you manage to feel love and get yourself into this highest vibrating energy then no one can affect you. 🙂


  3. Nichole Lanier says:

    I love the affirmation: “My energy raises the vibration of the room while keeping me protected and energized.” This is such an important thing to master because it aligns you with your personal power! So fantastic and again, excellent read!

    Liked by 1 person

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