Create New Habits and Make Them Stick


 Making the decision just in your head is not good enough when you have a goal you want to achieve. While I was deciding what to write this week, I came across a study on The study is called “The Gender Gap and Goal-Setting”. This study found that both men and women do a better job of writing down their goals. Less than 20% of people said that their goals are written down. 

Writing it down makes it feel more real…if that makes sense. You will be more disciplined + motivated to make the change if it is written down + placed somewhere you visually see every single day. Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals. I’m a little late in creating a vision board for 2019 but after reading up on this it is definitely on my list for this upcoming three day weekend.


Your goals don’t always have to be in vision board form, however. You can have sticky notes placed anywhere in your home that you will see on an everyday basis. You can place them on your bathroom mirror for example, so that every morning you can see them while you are brushing your teeth or on your refrigerator if that helps to stay motivated. Getting them written on paper holds you accountable for the habits you want to change. I like to write things like this down in cute inspiring notebooks because it just feels fancier + ignites you to write, doesn’t it? Just me? Oh well.


I know you’ve heard it before, I know I have, and unfortunately, I never make it the full 21 days to prove it right or wrong. But! It’s 2019 and I promise to evolve. Ha! It is scientifically proven that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Therefore if you stick to something for 21 days, it will become a habit you stick with. What Pinterest recommends? Create yourself a habit tracker. So, my coworker is really into bullet journaling. I haven’t been able to get into it, but because I’m evolving I figure I’d at least try a combination of journaling, planning and habit tracking. (three in one, it’s a bargain!).  I went to Amazon and found this Habit Tracker. It breaks down the habits by categories + gives you a place to record goals, too. The thing that stood out the most was the finance tracker because I am doing Dave Ramseys “Total Money Maker Over” as part of my 2019 goals. Keeping track also helps you visualize your progress + stay motivated. You’ll feel good about yourself when you can see how close you are to the finish line.


Write down a list of ‘WHY’ you are changing the habits. Be as honest as possible while creating this list because when the going gets tough, you will want to quit. It will be a lot harder to quit when you are able to remind yourself of your ‘why’.

Like when you’re craving sweets but know you’re only three pounds away from your goal. Looking at your why might help you pick the apple over the donut.

You reached the point of recognizing, then wanting to make a change, so you have a compelling ‘why’. This will serve as your motivation and keep you hustling to the changes you are wanting


Maybe you are trying to quit drinking, but your group of friends won’t hang out together unless they’re drinking and pressure you to drink, too. If that’s the case, don’t hang out with them while it’s still a trigger for you. My friends and I are currently doing a tea detox to rid ourselves of toxins and waste. On this detox, we can’t have sugar, processed foods, and alcohol. We’ve been staying away from each other because we know that liquor is usually something we always bring to the table. So for 14 days we are staying focused on the goal and know now is not the time to socialize.  It’s critical to identify your triggers so you can learn how to avoid or work around them. Why? Because we are EVOLVING! Duh! Ha! A bad habit for me, personally, I’m trying to change this year is playing less candy crush. I’m trying to convert my candy crush hours into something more productive.  Because I know that boredom is a trigger for candy crush I am hoping that planning out my time will allow me to be more productive.


In my humble opinion, I think most people aren’t successful in making habit or lifestyle changes because they don’t plan ahead. Like I just mentioned I want to be able to plan out my time this year. In Dave Ramseys Total Money Makeover, he asks that you make a plan for every single dollar. I think it is also important to make plans for every single hour. As well as make a plan every week. Prepping for the week will allow you to stay ahead of the game and you’re less likely to fall into old habits. If you have a weight loss goal. You should plan your meals ahead of time. Meal prepping is a great tool to help in this area.  So whatever your New Year habit is, be organized + plan ahead so you have no choice, but to succeed.


drake champagne

Bring out the champagne. (Joking) Unless your detox is over and it isn’t on the list of habits to break. (I love a good margarita) No, but seriously, all this hard work deserves to be celebrated. Celebrate your victories no matter how big or small. If you made it the first week without breaking your new habits, paint your nails or put on a face mask. When you succeed at your first 21 days, and I know that you will! Take yourself out to dinner or buy something for yourself. You deserve it!


Leave a comment with any tips you have for kicking bad habits and gaining new ones. Happy New Year to you! I hope you’ve had a great start. Until next time friends, be kind to yourself.

be kind to me

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