How to get out of a rut in 5 Easy Steps!!!


embrace change



Hello!..long time no blog. I’m not sure what the problem is. So this blog is to motivate me to get my groove back and hopefully I can motivate you in the process. Sometimes you can be in a rut and still be progressively functional. I haven’t been idle but I definitely feel like I should be doing more. Let’s journey down this lane to contemplate how we can be better and live our best lives!


 1. What area of your life is in a rut?

 Discovering the problem that is causing the rut may be the first step. As I googled things to ask myself I can across these questions. Am I happy? If money was no object, what would I do tomorrow? What changes would I like to make to my life, my hair, my home? Sometimes a quick trip to the hair salon to give you a new look is all you need! Or you may have to make a huge adjustment like changing cities, jobs, or finding a new home.


  1. It’s easy to drift into a rut!

Pause! Before you go quitting your job, remember that most individuals find themselves in a rut at some point in their lives. How can we not? Most of us drive the same roads to work every day. We go up the same elevators and see the same people. Even have repetitive conversations on the daily. This is where we have to be intentional about our day. Changing up your routine can help shake things up and bring life back into your everyday task.


  1. Baby steps instead of all at once

 Often being stuck in a rut means feeling quite unmotivated. If you are having a tough time trying to figure out what you should do overall then just pick one small thing just to get moving. If you want to lose weight, just look up a couple diet plans online. Also, you could make a list of the little steps that will put you on the path toward your goal. The beautiful thing about taking one small step is that it often spurs new momentum.



  1. Embrace change.

I never run from change. It’s always been what I use as a sign that I am being moved in a new direction and greatness is on the way! When tomorrow comes, don’t be afraid to do things differently. Get rid of your old habits and start with new ones. Don’t fight change, embrace it. Accept that you’re the one in control of your own life and realize that you can change it at any given moment.


  1. Be proud of yourself & live your best life.

Make a list of all your accomplishments. Big or small. Then pat yourself on the back. Even if the accomplishment was that you graduated from college 15 years ago. Wellllll…you did it! College isn’t easy and you made it through. Some of us do so much that we forget just how great we are and all that we have to be thankful for. A rut is truly a place we have created because it’s comfortable and it’s is. But nothing ever happens here. There is so much to this life, we just have to GET UP and live it! Live your life to the fullest and have a blast!!!


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