This can be done anywhere to reduce stress

I feel like it is a disservice to my bank account to continue to pay for this blog and I am not putting any work into it. I have a hard time with hard times. I get stuck emotionally and it feels like my feet are stuck in cement. Doing the every day necessitates like going to work and the gym is all I have the energy for. I went to a funeral a couple weeks ago. It is always so hard to burry someones mother. It’s like I start back from square one of grief and it puts me in a serious hole that digging myself out of took the help of the good Lord, my god sister and my best friend. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably still be in the bed. After going back and forth with my god sister one day we realized that my routine needed some shaking up. I can’t just continue to just exist and I had to do something to really live this life that I am so blessed to have. So I went for a walk…

Benefits of a Quick Walk

  • Clear your Mind
  • Calm your Nerves
  • Improve Circulation
  • Decrease Joint Pain
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Be More Productive



No matter how long you go for a walk, it can help move you to a calmer state. Studies have found that walking – especially through green spaces – can put your mind in a meditative state.  This means you can be reflective without being reactive to your stressor.  Walking also quiets the mind and you become more aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling.

I realized a few things on this walk, one, I actually live in a dope neighborhood. I hate that I’ve lived here for three years and this was my first walk down the block. I walked for three miles. I took in life, I thank God for my life and also made a promise to myself to take off the mask and let go of the pressure of life. I’ve found so much disappointment in the cards of life but I must remember that there is also blessings. It’s best to to try to focus on that. I encourage you to go for a walk if you feel anxious, stressed, and/or overwhelemed. Try to do it a couple times a week and see if it helps. I’m headed out to go for another walk and I’m actually excited about it. Tell me what you do when you feel stressed?


Be kind to yourself.


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